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Mazatlan Attractions

Mazatlan Attractions

Mazatlan Mexico

Mazatlan Attractions

Though many people just think of the beaches when they bring to mind images of Mazatlan, Mexico, it actually has a great deal more to offer than just that.  Certainly, the beaches are a top attraction, but there are also many other forms of adventure, experience, and sights to see.

Among the top Mazatlan attractions are the following:

  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral – located in the downtown part of the city, this religious building is well worth the trip away from the Golden Zone, even if you have no other reason to go.  The architecture is both striking and memorable.

  • Plaza Machado – having been named for Juan Nepomuceno Machado, who originally donated the land to the city, this is the central plaza, which has absolutely everything for sale, ranging from different types of foods to household items and souvenirs.

  • Old Mazatlan – the older part of the city is a story in itself, with architectural styles that reflect all of the different people who have had control over the city at different times in its existence.  This is the historical center of the city, which is only highlighted by the market and the ArtWalk which is available on Friday evenings.  The area also features reasonably priced shopping and tasty food.  It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes, as the sidewalks are in bad repair in several areas. 

  • Angela Peralta Theatre – this restored theatre was named after Angela Peralta, the “Nightingale of Mexico” from the 19th century.  Since it was first constructed in 1874, it has been heavily used and abused, until it finally hit its lowest point when it was essentially a parking garage in the 1950’s.  Finally, in 1992, the theatre was restored, and it now offers theatergoers, both local and visiting, the opportunity to get out of the sun to enjoy plays, opera, musicals, and ballet.  Being an audience member is worthwhile regardless of the performance, just to be able to see the intricate woodwork and impressive balconies.

  • Valentino’s and the Fiestaland Complex – this entertainment complex is best known for the role it plays in Spring Break, as its disco parties run all night long until dawn, and its foam party is the largest in the northern hemisphere.  However, the fun doesn’t stop after the college students go home.  The entertainment is available here, year round, making it the center of the tourist area’s night life.

  • Jungle Tour – the jungle tour of Mazatlan is certainly an adventure that shouldn’t be missed.  The tour guide provides a fun but detailed history of all of the sights as you travel in a boat through the city’s harbor and beyond the fleets of fishing boats.  Throughout your tour, you’ll have unlimited beer or soda, and you’ll learn about everything from the power plant to the brewery.  Beyond the civilized area, the tour travels to Stone Island, where you’ll see many different species of bird.  Upon your arrival, you’ll take a tractor-drawn carriage to a secluded beach beyond a coconut plantation.  There, optional and affordable horseback riding is available.

  • Copala – this small village is a piece of living history that is unique in the entire world. Six hundred citizens reside there, though they have had notable guests throughout the centuries, such as Pancho Villa, Humphrey Bogart, Emiliano Zapato, and Ernest Hemingway.  National Geographic Magazine has given Copala a central position in three separate editions.

No matter what type of entertainment you enjoy, there will be many Mazatlan attractions to fill your time and memories.  Don’t forget to check out the Acuario Mazatlan (aquarium) before your vacation is through.