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Mazatlan Entertainment

Mazatlan Entertainment

Mazatlan Entertainment

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Mazatlan has been a growing tourism destination since the 1940’s, when hotels started going up along its beaches.  Ten years afterward, it started to draw top celebrities, developing the Golden Zone, which is the center of tourism for the city.  Since then, it has become increasingly well known and has added a large amount of entertainment and attractions to cater to its ever growing tourist community.

The city is awake both day and night, so no matter what you enjoy, it will always have something to offer you. Some of the more popular highlights include:

  • The Aquario (aquarium) – this is the largest aquarium in Mexico and offers incredible sights ranging from the tropical garden which is home to massive crocodiles, to a shark tank. For added excitement, the aquarium offers daily shows and a diving exhibition, as well as a live bird show and a sea lion show.   This is all available for an extremely affordable price, as kids’ admission is about $2, and adults’ admission is about $5 (depending on the exchange).

  • Beisbol (baseball) – the city has its own team, which is called Los Venados.  Their AAA baseball season runs from October through early springtime.  You can buy your tickets for an affordable price right at the stadium before a game.

  • Bull Fights – From mid-December through until Easter weekend, the Plaza Monumental hosts bull fights every Sunday at 4:00pm.  The tickets can be quite affordable, though the better seats can also be significantly more expensive.

  • Festivals – Mazatlan celebrates various festivals throughout the year.  Among the more notable are Carnival, which has been celebrated for over a century as their tremendous Mardi Gras party.  The celebration generally starts a week ahead of Ash Wednesday (which usually falls in late February or early March), continuing on until Shrove Tuesday (which is the day before Lent begins).  On this last day, the festival explodes with a beautiful parade of floats.
  • Shows for Tourists – As the entire Golden Zone is designed primarily as a playground for tourists, it also offers a number of shows to entertain visitors to the city.  Many of the hotels, themselves, offer shows.  For example, every Wednesday night at 7pm, the El Cid puts on a dinner show that effectively provides a taste of Mexican style.  The Hotel Playa Mazatlan also provides a “Fiesta Mexicana” show with a buffet style dinner every Tuesday and Friday at 7pm.  The price of admission is around $30 for adults and about half that for children.  Reservations can be made through a travel agent. It features Mexican Folk Dancing and Music and runs for about three hours.

  • Films – There are lots of multiplex movie theatres available to give you an enjoyable air-conditioned experience with a large picture and clear sound.  There, you’ll find all of the latest Hollywood releases in English, but with Spanish subtitles.  One of the most modern theatres is located in the Golden Zone at the Cine Gaviotas.

  • Shopping – what tourist doesn’t love to do a bit of shopping for fun while on vacation.  Whether you want to hit the tourist traps or visit a more authentic feeling experience at the Mexican Market Place, Old Mazatlan should be your destination.  It has everything you need all under one roof in an enormous marketplace as large as a city block. The offerings include everything from food to t-shirts, and all of the vendors except for the food sellers expect you to bargain to get the best price. 

If you’re there between October and mid-December, you’ll benefit from the Festival of the Arts, where you’ll be able to enjoy everything from ballet to folk dancing and classical music.