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Mazatlan is a favorite destination for many golfers who want to combine their favorite sport with the beauty and luxury of the Pacific coast of Mexico.  This city boasts three different gorgeous golf courses, two of which are open to the public.  With the comparatively moderate temperatures of the area and the lack of a rainy season, these courses are enjoyed by golf enthusiasts year round.

El Cid Golf and Country Club is at the top of the list in terms of quality and experience, however, only members and guests of the resort there can access their 27 hole course with a 72 par.  Though they are rather exclusive, they have also been applauded for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly service and a staff that speaks English very fluently.  Membership or stay at the resort includes both the green fee and a cart. 

It is very conveniently located only a block away from the resort’s hotel, which means that golfers can enjoy their game without having to rent a car or hire a taxi. For those who don’t travel with their own clubs, the rental selections are quite appealing, with options that are typically considered to be superior to what is available at most courses in Las Vegas.

The entire course at El Cid Golf and Country Club provides breathtaking scenery. It is designed for a lavish experience for individuals, couples, and groups of friends, and though its focus is on golf itself, there are many other attractions available when you’re not on the course, you’ll also be able to enjoy shopping, deep sea fishing, sailing, relaxing on the beach, and walking or jogging along the shore line.

Estrella del Mar, on the other hand, is open to the public.  Though it is connected to a hotel and resort, it is available to those staying elsewhere. It is an 18 hole course with 72 par and is highly accessible as is only a short, ten minute drive from the Mazatlan airport, which means that you’ll be able to start enjoying your vacation even sooner.  It is nestled safely within a private, gated community that includes a stretch along the Pacific coast that is 3.5 miles long.  Six of the holes and fairways are positioned directly adjacent to the beach.  The grounds are exceptionally well manicured with a calming tropical paradise atmosphere.

In 2011, for the first time, Estrella del Mar was the home of the Mexican PGA Championship.  It was also on the schedule for the Canadian Tour in that year.  Clearly, it is a challenging course, which allows golfers to test their skills, push their limits, while they breathe the sea air and luxuriate in their surroundings.

Club de Golf Campestre is also available to the public, offering a nine hole course.  It is not considered to be quite as luxurious as the other two courses in the city, but it is still enjoyed for its more authentic Mexican feel, and lack of tourist traps.  It is enjoyed as a quiet location that isn’t as heavily trafficked by visitors to the city.  It is recommended that non-locals visit during the early morning and daytime, as opposed to travelling there in the late evening. 

Despite the fact that Club de Golf Campestre does not feature a members-only entrance or a lavish clubhouse, golfers will still be able to appreciate the warm, respectful, and overall pleasant service from the staff.  The experience is highly affordable, allowing regular golfers the ability to take advantage of added services, such as a dedicated and hard-working caddie for every round.

Regardless of your vacation plans, Mazatlan offers a wide range of golfing experiences that can be enjoyed as the primary element of the trip, or merely a memorable highlight among other exciting and pleasurable activities.