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Mazatlan shopping

Best Shopping in Mazatlan

Many travelers find that one of the best parts of their vacations is the chance to shop, and Mazatlan certainly caters to this essential part of the trip.  From traditional open-air shopping markets to modern shopping centers, the city has a little bit of everything.

Some of the more popular options include:

  • Large Shopping Centers – several of these malls are peppered throughout the area, and a couple of them closely resemble the mall experience from Canada or the United States.  Though souvenirs and other touristy items aren’t all that common in their stores, the shopping centers do offer a wide array of everyday goods and services, such as clothing, music, food, toys, and other household goods.  They have competitive prices and wide selections.

  • Mega (formerly known as Comercial Mexicana) and La Gran Plaza – these offer a number of shops in more of a boutique style than in the larger shopping centers, but still feature food courts with American, Mexican, and Chinese dishes.  Mega also has a large department store and a 3-screen movie theater.  They are easy to reach from both downtown and the Golden Zone.

  • Plaza del Mar and Ley – there are a number of Ley stores located throughout Mazatlan.  Each has its own designation, being known as Ley 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Ley Centro which is right in the heart of downtown. 

  • Soriana – this is the home of the largest variety and grocery stores in the city and has been open since 2001.  The front boasts a sizeable food court, and it is surrounded by familiar North American chains, such as Burger King, in addition to a multiplex cinema.

  • Instituto Seguridad Social Servico Trabajores del Estado (ISSSTE) – another large grocery and variety store, this is a location where locals and travelers can find great deals.  It is open to the public for shopping, but it is designed to provide companies and government agencies that participate in the association to obtain reduced prices.

  • The Central Market – this is the heart of downtown shopping and should not be missed during any visit to Mazatlan.  It is located between the B Juarez and Aquiles Serdan streets and between Melchor Ocampo and Leandro Valle.  It features a wide range of vendors of foods, juice bars, as well as a huge number of tiny shops where you can find virtually anything you want.

    Many people visit there just for the food, as there are several aisles that are divided by food category, such as chicken and seafood at the end of the aisles, middle rows featuring pork and beef, and fruits and veggies making up most of the remainder of the space.  Dairy is the only food category that doesn’t have its own place, with vendors scattered around various parts of the marketplace. 

    Beyond the food sellers, most of the vendors are offering products that appeal to tourists, from souvenir items to jewelry, blankets, t-shirts, and virtually everything in between.  Unlike the prices posted for the foods, which are typically not negotiable, the vendors of touristy items will generally expect some bargaining.

  • Juarez Market – also known as the Sunday Flea Market, this is a tremendous market that covers many of the streets that are typically used by the daily produce market and beyond.  It is available only on Sunday mornings and is not to be missed simply for the experience of it, if not for the shopping itself.

Whether you’re looking for everyday items, souvenirs, or foods that are either familiar, or completely new to you, Mazatlan’s many shopping opportunities are certain to provide.