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Mazatlan Spring Break

Mazatlan Spring Break

mazatlan mexico  spring break

Spring Break Mazatlan Mexico

Hands down, Mazatlan is the top destination for American college students on the West Coast during their spring break.  From its thriving night life to its affordability and great weather, it isn’t hard to figure out why so many university students choose to head to this specific part of Mexico to kick back and let loose.

The city boasts a seemingly never-ending strip of sandy Pacific beaches, located just across from the tip of Baja, California, on a peninsula of beach houses and various places to party all night.  Throughout Spring Break, the average temperature is an ideal 85 degrees during the daytime and a cooler 70 degrees at night, with only four rainy days being recorded in March over the last 26 years.  There is a wide variety of different types of accommodation in Mazatlan during Spring Break, catering to any preference for amenities and budget limitations. 

The experience itself is unforgettable, with markets, beaches, and restaurants open all day, and nightclubs and discos open all night, right up until dawn.  This, combined with the cheap flights and even cheaper bus trips, has students heading back year after year.  The trick is to start making plans early to ensure your spot, or the party will go on without you!

Throughout the length of Spring Break, the city of Mazatlan hosts approximately 100,000 students every year.  In fact, for that specific time of year, the entire city makes special preparations to gear up and be ready for everything that these travelers have to offer, especially in terms of offering great deals and affordable prices.  During March, Mazatlan offers the best dollar-for-dollar deals in the entire country.

This is not a new experience for the city, as it is has been a favorite for spring breakers for over three decades.  Its unmatched nightlife, unlimited recreational activities (ranging from sport fishing to historical sites, closely located colonial villages, and even three nearby jungle-like islands), sprawling sandy beaches, warm ocean water, and perfect weather make it the assured best party spot every year.

Favorite daytime activities often include the beach bash Paradise Parties at Bora Bora, or the awesome volleyball tournaments and contests at Joe’s Oyster Bar.  Of course, for those who want to take it easy during the day so that they’re ready to be up all night, there is always a spot on the beach or at a pool to laze around and work on a tan with a drink in your hand.  For adventure-seekers, there are Jet Ski rentals, parasailing, deep-sea fishing and ocean kayaking.

But just because the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean that Mazatlan is ready for bed.  In fact, during Spring Break, that’s when the real excitement begins.  There are nightclubs open all night every single day, so that students can fill every minute of their vacation with unlimited fun.  Not to be missed is the largest foam party in the northern hemisphere, which can be found at both Sumbawa and the Bora Bora Beach Club and the Valentino’s disco in the Fiesta Land Complex.

American citizens need to present a valid passport to get into the country.  Throughout the stay in Mexico, you will need to keep your tourist card (which you will receive, complete, and present at the airport).  This will be surrendered once more when you leave Mexico to head home.  If you’re headed to Mazatlan via bus, then a passport is all you’ll need.

Though the local language is Spanish, many people can understand English, and the majority of the service industry is fluently bilingual.  Currency exchanges are readily available at banks, exchange houses and at the hotel.  Pay attention to exchange rates, though, as you likely won’t get as many pesos for your dollar at the hotel.  Typically speaking, using a credit card will achieve the best rate.

Mazatlan spring break