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Mazatlan has a beautiful climate, has plenty of sandy beaches that stretch on for miles and is a city filled with fascinating culture, history, sites and friendly locals.  These facts, among many others, make Mazatlan one of the top vacation destinations in Mexico.   

If you are thinking about Mazatlan vacations but are not familiar with this part of Mexico, it’s a good idea to boost your knowledge about the culture, area, attractions and accommodations to help you better plan your trip.  This will help you know what’s available to you, so you can experience exactly what you want out of your travels.

As is common with other destinations, there are different ways you can plan your vacation to Mazatlan.  For instance, you can find vacation packages that not only include the flight and accommodations, but also tours and other activities that you can do during your stay.  On the other hand, you may be the type of individual who likes to organize your trip all on your own, creating your own itinerary instead of choosing one that has been pre-designed.

Regardless of what type of Mazatlan vacation planning suits you, it’s important that you first learn about the different areas of the city, as this will help you decide which part of the “Pearl of the Pacific” you would like to visit and experience.

You’ll discover that Mazatlan is split up into different regions.  For instance, there is the:

Golden Zone - The golden zone, also known as the Gold Zone or Zona Dorada, is the area of Mazatlan where most of the tourist hotels and resorts are located, as well as where you will find most of the local nightlife, the most popular beaches and the more upscale restaurants.  The golden zone is home to Fiesta Land, one of the most popular attractions in the city.  Many of the attractions located in this area are within walking distance from the hotels, although there are plenty of open-air cabs known as Plumonias that are available to take you from one hot spot to the next.

The Malecon – This is Mazatlan’s waterfront street and is considered to be the heart of the city.  It stretches from the Golden Zone to Old Town and beyond.  The Malecon features beachfront restaurants, hotels, night clubs and discos.  Typically, prices tend to be slightly cheaper in this area of Mazatlan compared to the touristier Golden Zone.   Many visitors enjoy watching beautiful sunsets over the Pacific while sitting on the levee of the Malecon.

Old Town – Located in downtown Mazatlan, the old town is one of the city’s most delightful spots, as it features some of the most charming historical sites.  At the very center of old town is the market while the surrounding area makes up the city’s shopping center, which is alive with a myriad of vendors, stores and hundreds of shoppers every day.  A few notable features in old Mazatlan include the 19th century cathedral; Plazuela Machado, a large historic area with old buildings like the Teatro Angela Peralta; an archaeological museum; and Playa Olas Altas, the main beach that used to be where the primary tourist area was located.

Other areas that may be of interest to you during your Mazatlan vacations include Stone Island and Cerritos.  Stone Island, which is located at the city’s south end, is a quiet island with pristine beaches.  It offers a number of different water and recreational sports activities and provides a private and relaxed environment.  Cerritos, like Stone Island, is highly devoid of tourists and can be found north of the Marina El Cid.  It is a popular spot for surfers who love to ride the waves off of Playa Bruja beach.

By learning about all of the different areas of this sunny Mexican city and what they have to offer, you are sure to enjoy your Mazatlan vacations to the fullest.